Versatile Event Spaces in Galicia Nueva

Versatile Event Spaces in Galicia Nueva

Embark on a Majestic Journey at Castle Galicia Nueva: Where Luxury Meets Tradition

In the heart of Slovakia, Castle Galicia Nueva stands as a testament to luxury, tradition, and unparalleled hospitality. From its elegant accommodations and world-class dining to its versatile event spaces and exclusive amenities, every aspect of the castle invites guests to immerse themselves in a world of timeless beauty and enchantment. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a fairytale wedding venue, or a memorable corporate event, Castle Galicia Nueva promises an experience beyond compare. Welcome to a place where history comes to life and every moment is infused with the magic of Castle Galicia Nueva.

A Haven of Accommodations and Gastronomy

With 48 rooms and suites adorned in different historical styles, Castle Galicia Nueva provides an exquisite retreat for every guest. From elegant furnishings to picturesque views, each accommodation exudes its own unique charm, ensuring a stay of unparalleled luxury. Under the culinary direction of Chef Arturo Parol, the castle’s exceptional gastronomy delights the senses, offering a culinary journey that honors the rich traditions of Slovakian cuisine.

❖ 8 conference rooms
❖ 48 rooms and suites in different historical styles
❖ capacity of 111 beds, with extra beds up to 138 beds
❖ exceptional gastronomy under the direction of Chef Arturo Parol 
❖ wellness services for guests only
❖ castle park with a pond
❖ heliport

Versatile Event Spaces for Every Occasion in Galicia Nueva

Versatile Event Spaces in Galicia Nueva represent eight conference rooms, each offering a distinctive ambiance for various events. Whether you’re planning a fairy tale wedding, a corporate retreat, or a cultural celebration, the castle provides an ideal setting. The magnificent ARCADIA, with its blend of original architecture and modern design, can accommodate up to 400 guests for gala dinners, large trainings, or presentations. Meanwhile, the Rosalia Castle Restaurant and the County Hall offer intimate settings for smaller gatherings, each steeped in history and character.

The Arcadia Castle Hall is a magnificent venue that can be used for a variety of events such as galas, large lavish weddings, presentations, and more. It features a unique central space that combines elements of the original architecture with modern glass roofing and high-quality shading technology. This concept highlights the hotel’s exceptional services and architecture.
* capacity of 248 people for banquet seating
* capacity of 400 persons for cinema seating

The Rosalia Castle Restaurant can be found in the central part of the right wing. It is situated in one of the oldest rooms of the castle, which dates back to the 13th century. The restaurant’s space is quite attractive, with massive walls that have deep window niches. The room is closed off by an interesting flat vault with rich stucco decoration.
* capacity including the lounge 58 persons for banquet seating
* capacity without lounge 70 persons U-shaped seating

The County Hall is a beautiful venue that can be used for wedding ceremonies, meetings, presentations, or small gala dinners. It is located above the main entrance to the castle and is distinguished by its restoration of the original late Baroque fresco decoration created in the 2nd half of the 18th century by the authors of the Viennese court.
* capacity of 80 people for banquet seating
* capacity of 109 persons for cinema seating

The ROKOKO lounge is an excellent space for smaller weddings, meetings, and presentations. Furnished with Rococo-style furniture, it carries architectural elements from the 18th century. This part of the castle was added later and is representative of the County Hall. 
* capacity 24 + 10 persons for banquet seating
* capacity of 48 persons for cinema seating
The County Hall and the ROKOKO can be connected together.

The chateau hotel features an intriguing Wine Bar that includes a dance floor and billiards. This wine bar is an important aspect of the Chateau Hotel, with a wine archive that is sure to impress wine enthusiasts. The wine bar is located in an area that was excavated from the original rock, which adds to its charm. During the warmer months, the wine bar also offers a lovely terrace with comfortable seating, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine.
* capacity of 52 persons + lounge for 10 persons for banquet seating

There is an open terrace called KUPOLA located on the top floor of the castle. Additionally, there is a water terrace available for smaller groups. These terraces are perfect for hosting events such as a welcome drink, proposal, or elopements and offer the opportunity to take beautiful photos (weather permitting). The bar on the top floor features a cozy seating area and a unique view from the terrace over the surrounding area. On a clear day, it is possible to see as far as the Low Tatras.

The great Piper Club boasts a lovely fireplace and is the perfect spot for indulging in rum, cognac, and cigars. The smoking lounge is adorned with Chesterfield-style English leather furniture. Guests can relax and enhance their experience by sipping on coffee or a fine cognac while enjoying a cigar in peace.

There are several more beautiful spaces available, one of which is the Library. This room is furnished with English-style furniture and provides a perfect setting for private and undisturbed meetings. It is an ideal space for discreet conversations, and the fireplace adds to the serene atmosphere.

Exclusive Amenities and Activities

Guests of Castle Galicia Nueva are treated to a host of exclusive amenities designed to enhance their stay. The castle’s wellness services, available only to guests, include a recreational pool, Finnish sauna, and massage treatments, providing a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. Outside, the castle park beckons visitors to explore its tranquil pathways and picturesque pond, offering a serene escape amidst nature’s splendor.

The Castle Hotel’s wellness center is designed to transport you to an ancient spa. The decor and architecture are truly awe-inspiring with rich earthy colors, ornate Corinthian columns, and depictions of ancient gods. These elements combine to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere for guests to relax and rejuvenate.

The wellness area features:
❖ recreational pool
❖ hydromassage bath
❖ Finnish sauna
❖ steam sauna
❖ relaxation room
❖ fitness room
❖ massage
❖ hydrojet massage machine

Forest Park is a beautiful and peaceful place that visitors will enjoy. The castle park features a stunning pond and is surrounded by nature. The park has restored paths that are beautifully landscaped and sensitively planted under the treetops. There are also newly built resting places where guests can sit on benches and enjoy the scenery.

If you like listening to the sounds of nature, or if you’re a cyclist, dog owner, or recreational fisherman, then Forest Park has something for you. Couples in love will also enjoy a boat trip under the romantic bridge to the original island in the middle of the pond.
❖ multifunctional playground: tennis courts, volleyball, football 
❖ grassy area for sports activities and relaxation
❖ archery
❖ gazebo with comfortable seating
❖ boating
❖ recreational fishing
❖ horse-drawn carriage ride

Unforgettable Experiences Await

But the allure of Castle Galicia Nueva extends beyond its accommodations and event spaces. Guests can indulge in a variety of curated experiences, from tastings of homemade chocolate to rum and cognac tastings in the Great Piper Club. Whether it’s a quiet evening in the library or a lively dance party on the open terrace, there’s something for everyone within the castle’s walls.

As you can see, you really can find versatile event spaces in Galicia Nueva. Upon first glance, it may appear to be a grand castle fit for large weddings. However, it can also accommodate intimate weddings and proposals, which is why it’s one of our favorite castles.
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