A Fairytale Elopement at Bojnice Castle

Fairytale Elopement at Bojnice Castle

A Fairytale Elopement at Bojnice Castle: Charice and Joe’s Magical Day

When Charice and Joe decided to elope, they knew they wanted their special day to be nothing short of a fairytale. The couple, hailing from China, chose the breathtaking Bojnice Castle in Slovakia as the perfect backdrop for their intimate celebration. With our coordination and specialization in elopements and intimate weddings at stunning castle venues across Central Europe, Charice and Joe’s dream day unfolded flawlessly.

The Morning Picnic with a Castle View

The day began with the kind of magical moment that sets the tone for an entire adventure. Chazice and Joe started their special day with a delightful morning picnic set against the breathtaking view of Bojnice Castle. The castle’s towers and turrets rose majestically in the background, creating a picturesque scene that felt straight out of a storybook for the couple’s first moments together on their wedding day. With a basket full of fresh pastries, fruits, and a bottle of sparkling champagne, they toasted to their future amidst the serenity of the castle grounds.

As Jan Freire, the photographer, snapped photos of the couple enjoying their picnic with their puppy, I couldn’t help but be captivated by their infectious joy. They laughed, shared stories, and basked in the moment’s serenity, all while the early morning sun cast a golden glow over the castle’s stone walls. This peaceful beginning was just the first of many unforgettable moments throughout their day.

The First Look: A Moment to Remember

After their leisurely morning picnic, Charice and Joe took a short break to prepare for the day’s events. As the anticipation built, they arranged for a “First Look” moment, a special and intimate tradition where the couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day. Charice, in her graceful wedding gown, and Joe, in his sharp suit, met in a secluded part of the castle park. The emotions in their eyes and the joy on their faces, as they saw each other, were palpable, a moment beautifully captured by their photographer.

A Spa Resort Adventure: Love on the Pond

After the emotional first look, we went to a nearby spa resort, a hidden gem with a charming pond that was perfect for a romantic photo shoot. The resort had a small boat that added a whimsical touch to the setting, which we decorated with flowers. As Chazice and Joe floated on the calm waters, surrounded by lush greenery, their love for each other seemed to reflect in the serene surface of the pond.

The tranquility of the spa resort provided a lovely contrast to the grandeur of Bojnice Castle. It was a joy to capture the couple in such a peaceful, idyllic setting. The gentle ripples in the water, the soft rustling of leaves, and the couple’s serene expressions made for truly magical photographs.

Capturing Memories: A Photo Session at Bojnice Castle

As the day continued, Charice and Joe returned to Bojnice Castle for an extensive photo session. The castle’s Gothic and Renaissance architecture offered countless stunning backdrops. From the grand halls adorned with historical artifacts to the castle’s exteriors with its fairy tale turrets and towers, every corner of Bojnice Castle was a photographer’s dream. Charice and Joe wandered through the castle grounds, capturing moments of laughter, love, and sheer happiness.

The Symbolic Ceremony: A Heartfelt Conclusion

The day culminated in a short, heartfelt, and beautiful symbolic ceremony. Surrounded by the castle’s enchanting atmosphere, Charice and Joe exchanged their vows in an intimate setting. The ceremony, though simple, was deeply meaningful, reflecting the couple’s love and commitment to each other. With the castle as their witness, Charice and Joe sealed their promises with a kiss, marking the beginning of their lifelong journey together.


Charice and Joe’s elopement at Bojnice Castle was nothing short of a fairytale. We planned every moment, from the serene morning picnic to the emotional first look, the whimsical boat ride, and the captivating photo session to perfection. The day ended with a symbolic ceremony perfectly encapsulating the couple’s love story. Bojnice Castle proved to be the ideal location for dream elopement, a day Charize and Joe will cherish forever.

Venue: Bojnice Castle
Planner: Castle Weddings
Photography: Freire Wedding Photo
Bridal gown: Pronovias Privée
Bridal Boutique: Salon Rent
Bridal makeup: Katarina Markechova
Bridal hair: Iva Janosikova
Grooms suit: Salon Milady

Charize and Joe wrote this review: “We had a wonderful experience through out the wedding process. Our wedding planner Tatiana was so helpful under all kinds of pressured emergencies and literally saved my life. She was a heroine to me while being the local person in Bojnice, Slovakia. Everything was admirable and adorable at the same time. All of our friends enjoyed the photos taken by creative photographer Jan and the videos we filmed for them as well thanks to the lovely setting. Professional, warm and understanding. They will be your best friends if you want a dream wedding.

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