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Galicia Nueva Slovakia

Galicia Nueva: Where Dreams Come to Life

Castle Hotel Galicia Nueva, situated in the picturesque Novohrad County, is a hidden gem tailored for those seeking a leisurely retreat away from the bustling influences of mass tourism. The hotel boasts rooms adorned in various styles, ensuring a blend of comfort and opulence. Its versatile facilities make it an ideal venue for conferences, balls, concerts, and, of course, romantic weddings, with the option to hold the ceremony in the hotel chapel. Indulge in ultimate relaxation at our exclusive wellness center, where our dedicated staff ensures your comfort and provides high-quality gastronomy.

Why opt for this venue:
Exceptional Service and Design: Despite its distance, Galicia Nueva remains a favorite due to its unparalleled service and captivating design, which is a testament to its excellence.

Discover the tranquility and beauty of the surrounding nature within the French park and forest park featuring a serene lake, all of which underwent a renaissance in 2017. Castle Hotel Galicia Nueva is a haven for anyone looking to create unforgettable memories, embracing the “genius loci” and the timeless spirit of those who once inhabited this enchanting place.

Venue Overview

Type of Venue and Suitability

Galicia Nueva embraces guests with an atmosphere of sophistication. The castle’s architecture, coupled with contemporary design elements, creates a harmonious blend of old-world charm and modern comfort.

Location and Accessibility

Nestled in a strategically accessible location, Galicia Nueva is conveniently situated approximately 2 hours from Bratislava Airport, 3 hours from Schwechat Airport in Vienna, and 2 hours from Budapest Airport. This venue’s central positioning offers ease of travel, making it accessible for guests arriving from various directions.

  • Approximately 2:20 hours from Bratislava Airport
  • 3 hours from Schwechat Airport in Vienna
  • 2 hours from Budapest Airport

Venue capacity

Galicia Nueva provides five wedding options with a starting point of 20 guests:

  1. ARCADIA Castle Hall: Accommodates from 70 to 250 people.
  2. ROSALIA Restaurant: Suitable for 20 to 50 persons.
  3. County Hall: Ideal for gatherings of 40 to 70 persons.
  4. Wine bar NICOLAUS: Intimate setting for 20 to 50 persons.
  5. Chamber of the Kingdom of Halych: A cozy space for 10 to 20 persons.

Check all halls, rooms, and amenities at Versatile Event Spaces for Every Occasion in Galicia Nueva.

Advantages of Choosing Galicia Nueva

Castle Ambiance

Embrace the enchantment of a truly special moment at Galicia Nueva, a luxurious castle hotel**** that exists to bring your wedding dreams to life. Step into the most romantic hotel in Europe and let this be the canvas for your dream wedding day. The private lounges, with their intimate ambiance, expansive ceremonial halls, and the distinctive allure of the glass-encased Arcadia Hall, promise to create a magical backdrop infused with luxury and nobility.


Halič Castle, with origins dating to the 12th century, saw various owners, including the Forgách Family, from 1554 to 1948. Despite upheavals, wars, and reconstructions, it fell into disrepair by 1993. After being privatized in 2005, the castle underwent revitalization, becoming an intriguing chapter in its modern history.

Dining Delights

Indulge in the culinary delights of Galicia Nueva’s four enchanting restaurants:
Castle Restaurant ROSALIA: Immerse yourself in a blend of history and contemporary flavors, where traditional recipes meet modern hotel cuisine.
Castle Hall ARCADIA: Be captivated by a modern space with an arched glass roof seamlessly merging with the original architecture. Enjoy both comforts in the café section and culinary delights in the restaurant area.
Castle Tavern NICOLAUS: Indulge in a passion for wines in a setting that offers a wine cellar, private lounge, smoking lounge, dance floor, and billiards. Take in beautiful days and evenings on the summer terrace.
PIPER CLUB in Cozy Chesterfield Style: Experience traditional elegance and luxury in a cozy club setting with a fireplace complemented by English leather furniture and excellent cognac to enhance your relaxation.

Event Possibilities

Marriage Ceremonies

The glimmering lights in majestic crystal chandeliers and an array of floral decorations from across the globe, coupled with impeccable service and a culinary experience fit for royalty, guarantee that you will undoubtedly feel like you are in a fairy tale. The noble impression will be intensified by the church ceremony in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd. Your steps down the aisle will echo with the resounding notes of the organ. Given the rich experience in planning weddings for clients from different parts of the world, every detail is taken care of. Hence, close your eyes for a moment and envision your perfect wedding at Galicia Nueva Castle.


Galicia Nueva Castle Hotel provides 50 premium rooms, including suites, totaling 108 regular beds. Standard rooms feature a Historicist style, while suites offer diverse furnishings from Gothic to French Provencal. Children under three stay free in existing beds. All rooms are non-smoking, with smoking facilities in the Piper Club and Nicolaus Wine Bar. The hotel is pet-friendly, offering designated rooms for dogs.

Wellness and Relaxation

The wellness facility presents a recreational pool, a whirlpool, dry and steam saunas, a relaxation room, and a fitness center. A diverse array of massages, spa treatments, and the option to rejuvenate with beverages from the menu are available.


In the heart of Novohrad County, Galicia Nueva beckons as a dream destination. Seamlessly blending history with modern luxury, this castle hotel offers accessibility and five exquisite wedding options for unforgettable moments. From enchanting ceremonies to diverse dining experiences and premium accommodations, Galicia Nueva promises a unique escape. Embrace the magic, create lasting memories, and let Galicia Nueva be the canvas for your extraordinary journey.

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