Old Castle in Banska Stiavnica

Old Castle in Banska Stiavnica

Old Castle in Banska Stiavnica: A Historical Haven in Europe’s Heart


The Old Castle, also known as the Starý zámok, is one of the key historical landmarks in Banská Štiavnica, a town renowned for its rich mining history. This castle dates back to the 13th century and has served various roles over the centuries, including a fortress, a church, and now a museum.

Historical Background

The Old Castle’s origins date back to the late 13th century when it was initially constructed as a Romanesque basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary. During the 16th century, the basilica was fortified and transformed into a defensive stronghold to protect the town from Ottoman invasions. This transformation involved significant architectural modifications, including the addition of walls, bastions, and a moat, giving the castle its distinctive fortified appearance.

Architectural Features

The Old Castle boasts a mix of Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance architectural styles. Key features include:

  • Romanesque Basilica: The core of the castle, originally a basilica, still retains its Romanesque elements.
  • Fortifications: The castle is surrounded by defensive walls, towers, and bastions added during the 16th-century modifications.
  • Bell Tower: The Renaissance-style bell tower, added later, is one of the castle’s prominent features.

Cultural Significance

The Old Castle is a part of the Banská Štiavnica UNESCO World Heritage site, recognized for its historical and architectural significance. The town and the castle play a crucial role in preserving Slovakia’s cultural heritage, offering insights into medieval and Renaissance history.

Event Hosting

The Old Castle also hosts various cultural events, including concerts, theater performances, and medieval reenactments. Its picturesque setting and historical ambiance make it popular with both visitors and locals.

Opting for the Old Castle in Banska Stiavnica as a wedding venue offers a myriad of unique advantages that make it a compelling choice for couples looking to tie the knot in a setting steeped in history and charm. Here are several reasons why this venue stands out:

Why Choose the Old Castle in Banska Stiavnica for Your Wedding?

  1. Historical Ambiance:
    • Rich History: The Old Castle’s origins date back to the 13th century, providing a majestic backdrop that is perfect for history enthusiasts. Its transformation from a Romanesque basilica to a fortified castle adds layers of intrigue and romance.
    • Architectural Beauty: The mix of Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance architectural styles offers a stunning and unique setting to make your wedding photos truly memorable.
  2. Scenic Natural Surroundings:
    • Nature’s Embrace: The castle is surrounded by the beautiful Slovak countryside, offering picturesque views and serene natural settings. This provides a peaceful and romantic atmosphere for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.
    • Geographical Significance: Located near the geographical center of Europe, the Old Castle is one of the continent’s most interesting and accessible regions.
  3. Cultural and Historical Significance:
    • UNESCO World Heritage Site: Banská Štiavnica is a UNESCO World Heritage site recognized for its cultural and historical importance. Hosting your wedding here adds a touch of prestige and global recognition.
    • Mining Heritage: The town’s rich mining history adds an element of uniqueness, making it a fascinating destination for guests who appreciate culture and heritage.
  4. Unique Venue for Events:
    • Versatile Spaces: The castle offers various indoor and outdoor spaces suitable for different parts of your wedding, from the ceremony to the reception. The historical exhibits and architectural features provide a unique backdrop.
    • Cultural Events: The venue regularly hosts cultural events, concerts, and medieval reenactments, offering potential entertainment options for your wedding guests.
  5. Romantic and Intimate Setting:
    • Cozy Atmosphere: The castle’s historical charm and intimate spaces create a romantic and cozy atmosphere, perfect for smaller, more personal weddings.
    • Exclusive Experience: The Old Castle’s unique setting ensures an exclusive experience, making your wedding day feel special and unique.
  6. Proximity to a Charming Town:
    • Banská Štiavnica: The town itself is one of the most interesting and charming cities in Europe, offering numerous attractions, historic sites, and quaint streets for your guests to explore.
    • Convenient Accessibility: The town’s central location in Europe makes it easily accessible from major cities and airports, making travel convenient for both local and international guests.

Location and Accessibility

Reaching the Old Castle in Banská Štiavnica requires a bit of a journey from major transportation hubs, but its central location in Europe makes it a worthwhile destination. The castle’s proximity to key airports is as follows:

  • 100 minutes from Bratislava Airport
  • Just over 2 hours from Vienna International Airport
  • Just over 2 hours from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

Important Considerations for Receptions

While the Old Castle itself does not host wedding receptions, it is situated in the renowned town of Banská Štiavnica, which boasts numerous first-class restaurants perfect for your reception needs.


Having visited this charming city many times, we are well-acquainted with its excellent accommodation options, ranging from first-class hotels to private homes. We are delighted to assist with these arrangements for you or your guests. Please note that Banská Štiavnica is a popular tourist destination, so securing accommodations well in advance is essential.

Pro tip: Banská Štiavnica is home to the most important Baroque calvary in Slovakia, the entire former Kingdom of Hungary, and quite possibly all of Europe. For larger weddings, we highly recommend Svätý Anton Manor House. It’s a late baroque-classicist mansion built in 1744 with an English landscape garden park in Svätý Anton, Slovakia. It was one of the main residences of the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha-Koháry families, and we can plan weddings for up to 150 guests there. We will soon post an article about Svätý Anton Manor House.


The Old Castle in Banska Stiavnica is a testament to the rich historical tapestry of Slovakia. Its evolution from a basilica to a fortified castle and now a museum highlights its enduring significance. Whether you are interested in history, architecture, or culture, the Old Castle offers a unique glimpse into the past, making it a must-visit destination in Banská Štiavnica.