Chateau Belá

Chateau Belá

Chateau Belá: A Timeless Escape in the South of Slovakia

Chateau Béla is a historic haven where luxury harmoniously meets tradition. This enchanting venue sets the stage for a myriad of events, from business and private receptions to successful conferences, hunts, and exquisite weddings at its charming chapel. The castle’s unique atmosphere guarantees unforgettable impressions, while our dedicated service ensures impeccable organization and personalized arrangements. Whether indulging in wine tasting at the Vinotheca Restaurant, savoring private dining in the banquet room, or hosting grand celebrations in the impressive orangery ballroom, Château Béla transforms every occasion into a truly memorable experience. Embark on a journey to discover a magnificent Baroque manor house in elegant, serene surroundings nestled in the scenic Southern Slovakian landscape.

Why opt for this venue:
Rich History and Culinary Delights: Situated close to Esztergom and Budapest, Chateau Bela boasts a storied past and delights guests with its exceptional cuisine and fine wines.

Chateau Overview

Historical Splendor

The castle assumed its present form under the supervision of architect Jakab Mayer. The construction began with the chapel, which was completed in 1780. Château Bela was acquired by local merchant Pál Sherdahelyi during that period. In the same year, the castle chapel was consecrated. It continues to serve as the local church, hosting weddings. The castle, built in the French Baroque style, was completed in 1874. The 18th-century manor house was thoughtfully reclaimed and revived by the late Countess Ilona von Krockow in the early 2000s. Today, it stands as a haven of peace and relaxation, inviting you to lose yourself in time within its timeless embrace.

Location and Accessibility

Perched in southern Slovakia, a stone’s throw away from Štúrovo, the manor house is nestled in a location where you can inhale deeply, wander freely, and experience a rejuvenating connection with nature. Chateau Belá has just won a beautiful award in the international competition for historic hotels in Europe, ranking 1st in the Heritage & Romance category.

  • 80 minutes from Budapest Airport
  • 2 hours from Bratislava Airport
  • 2 hours from Schwechat Airport in Vienna
Chateau Belá

Advantages of Choosing Chateau Belá

Architectural Marvel

Chateau Belá’s baroque architecture showcases exquisite craftsmanship, inviting guests to immerse themselves in its rich history. Countess Ilona von Krockow’s meticulous renovations, guided by high standards, offer a true chateau experience. Renowned collector and designer Axel Vervoordt, integral to the restoration, curated a timeless interior, blending 18th-century inspiration with precious fabrics and personal antiques. This fusion of Vervoordt’s collection and local craftsmanship is epitomized in the enchanting Orangerie.

Luxury Accommodation

The hotel, along with its rooms and suites, stands out for its exceptional first-class quality, individualized style, and comfort. At Château Bela, you won’t find a single identical room. Each one is uniquely and beautifully crafted in its own distinct way. Choose from tastefully designed Deluxe rooms and spacious suites adorned with refined details and custom-made furniture. The rooms offer maximum comfort with luxurious bathrooms and peaceful views. Rest assured, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to embark on a new day filled with memorable experiences.

Culinary Excellence

Château Bela is dedicated to the culinary arts, seriously emphasizing quality. The journey of good food begins with local breeders and growers, ensuring that the freshest vegetables from the region, renowned for their exceptional quality, aroma, and taste, grace our tables. Complementing these are the herbs from our own garden, promising an excellent taste in every dish. Indulge in seasonal specialties and savor wines from our own production, a delight for even the most discerning gourmets. At Château Bela, each culinary experience is a celebration of flavors and dedication to exceptional quality.

Services and Amenities

1. Event Spaces:

Amidst its enchanting surroundings, Château Béla offers an idyllic setting for your fairytale wedding. A distinctive feature of the Château is its exclusive booking option, allowing the entire estate to be reserved for your special day. The estate can accommodate up to 90 guests and cater for up to 200. Leveraging our expertise, we have crafted wedding services that prioritize excellence in every aspect.

Château Bela offers diverse wedding ceremony options:

  1. Lavender and Rose Gardens: A picturesque outdoor setting with a fountain and the soothing sound of falling water.
  2. Fresco Salon: A romantic backdrop with original frescoes on the walls for your civil ceremony.
  3. Roman Catholic Chapel: Add a sublime touch with a religious ceremony.
  4. Orangerie Ballroom: Large, opulent, and impeccable, accommodating up to 140 guests with a dance floor.
  5. Salon d’Or: Perfect for smaller weddings or late wedding lunches, hosting up to 60 guests with an intimate and festive atmosphere in a beautiful historic interior.

Outdoor Activities

Are you dreaming of an enchanting outdoor ceremony amidst blossoming gardens? Picture saying your vows to the soothing sounds of a gurgling fountain in picturesque Manor Park.

Nestled in a vast park landscape, Hotel Château Béla invites you to unwind with various wellness options. Whether you prefer leisurely strolls in the park, fishing by the castle’s lakes, or a game of tennis, our grounds offer diverse activities. Afterward, retreat to our tranquil wellness area, where a sauna, steam bath, fitness room, and outdoor pool await, providing ample opportunities for your personal rejuvenation.


Chateau Bela, a Baroque masterpiece, unfolds its splendor on 28 hectares of family-owned land in southern Slovakia. With a rich history and meticulous restoration by Countess Ilona von Krockow in the early 2000s, the castle stands as a timeless sanctuary of peace and relaxation. From its captivating wedding venues and diverse wellness options to the enchanting outdoor ceremonies in blossoming gardens, Château Bela offers a haven where history, nature, and elegance converge. Whether strolling through its picturesque park or celebrating within its opulent ballrooms, Château Bela invites you to slow down, breathe deeply, and lose yourself in the embrace of a bygone era.

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